I have just bought the Green Beginnings, How should I start using them
  • We recommend that you pre-wash the cloth diapers and pads with baby laundry detergent before use.
  • Knock solids into toilet

Rinse off any reside left

Store a dry diaper pail or storage box

  • For Pee only, just store a dry diaper pail or storage box directly
  • Do not store used diapers and pads more than 48 hours
Load your machine
  • Prewash or Rinse – Suggest to add 1/4 usage of the degergent (enzyme-free)
  • Treat with normal or longest cleaning program at maximum 60℃
  • Spin Dry: it is recommened to use 800 to 1000
  • Hang to dry under sun whitening
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • Regular direct exposure under the sun shine can kill bacteria and whitening

Do not use bleach / Do not use fabric softener / Do not iron

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