Dr. Clean Eco-Friendly concentrated laundry sheets (40 sheets)

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Dr. Clean Azure Ocean (40 sheets) 2 boxes set

Eco-friendly concentrated laundry sheets –

Special formula for infants and young children



Azure Ocean Dr. Clean Eco-friendly concentrated laundry sheets “Special formula for infants and young children” (40 sheets/Box)

–       Hong Kong Brand

–       Nurturing to baby’ s tender skin & Reduces allergens

–       Strong Deodorizing & Deep Cleaning Formula

–       Unique German bio-enzyme technology

–       Environmentally friendly, Ultra-high concentrated formula

–       Suitable for washing machines as well as hand-washing.

–       Neutral pH, gentle, non-irritating -Suitable for all skin types

–       Low foam 、 No need for fabric conditioner.

–      Instantly dissolves in water, No chemical residues. No fluorescent brighteners, —

–      No heavy metals. Anti-mold, kills bacteria, anti-mite, anti-static

–      Completely breaks down stubborn stains, brightness and colour protection

–      Simultaneously washes clothes while cleaning the washing machine.

#Suitable for use on most fibers, including cotton, hemp, polyester, nylon, etc. #Suitable for washing linen, duvets, pillows, plush toys, fabric toys.


Directions and amount for laundry use:

For loads below 1.5kg, use one sheet. For loads 1.5-3kg, use two sheets, For loads above 3kg, use three sheets.

Washing machine: Choose the “quick wash” program to save water and electricity. With dry hands, take a laundry sheet and place it inside the detergent compartment or on top of the clothes


Handwashing: With dry hands, take a laundry sheet and dissolve it in water,  After washing, two times  rinse clothes.

Amount to use: Half a sheet for every three items of baby clothing. One sheet for six items, and so on.


Ingredients: German bio-enzymes, surfactant, plant extracts essences, tea extracts and coconut oil extract.

Made in China