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Starter Pack  ~ M size for 5.5~9kgs babies
Package includes 5 eco diapers , 2 Tri pads, 6 Slim Pads
Color (Boy): Yellow, Mint, Navy Tile, Pinwheel, Starburst
Color (Girl): Yellow, Mint, Floral Love, Floral Tile, Pinwheel

Starter Pack  ~ L size for 8~13.5kgs babies
Package includes 4 eco diapers , 6 Tri pads, 2 Slim Pads
Color (Boy): Blue, Yellow, Pinwheel, Starburst
Color (Girl): Yellow, Mint, Floral Love, Floral Tile


Green Beginnings® sets itself apart from the traditional model of diapering. The 30 odd years of research and development and the nearly one million USD investment present you with the leak-proof and high breathability patented Pocket Sling™ design. It is made from the high-tech water-resistant, breathable material. Similar material is adopted in U.S. surgeries to keep bacteria away. Repeated washing will not lower the effectiveness of the material. Besides that, the way the outer layer of cloth diaper is separated from Pocket Sling™ allow enough space for airflow. Your babies will be better protected from diaper rashes.

Micro Polyester Fibre is selected as the material for the inner layer of pad. Its absorbency doubles to cotton fibre. This special fibre is able to lock liquid at the bottom layer.

The top layer is a “Stay Dry” high performance fabric. Under the microscope, the average fibre appears as circular while “Stay Dry” fibre is triangular. Along with special knitting technique to perform a “funnel function” to trap water under the Pad, wicking away the liquid from baby’s delicate skin.

Slim Pad ~ Designs for daytime (absorbency: approximate 100ml)

Tri Pad designs for bed time (absorbency: approximate 200ml)


We sincerely invite parents to try the Trial Pack for your own testing before going any further.

The “Starter Pack” is a money saving package that includes:
M (5.5kgs~9kgs babies): 5 eco diapers, 2 Tri pads, 6 Slim Pads
L (8kgs~13.5kgs babies): 4 eco diapers, 6 Tri Pads, 2 Slim Pads
According to user comment, the Starter Pack is good enough for 1 day needs. You can determine how many additional pieces you need based on your laundry behaviour.

Materials Diaper Cover:                                                      

Face: 100% Polyester

Back: Polyurethane

Knit lining: 100% Polyester

Woven Pocket: 100% Polyester

(Exclusive of Decoration)


Top Layer: 100% Polyester

Layers: 69% Polyester 31% Viscose / 89% Biconstituent Fiber (81% Polyester 19% Nylon) 11% Polyester

Product Care Wash before use

Machine wash cold or warm at maximum 60℃

Tumble Dry Low

Do not use bleach

Do not iron

No softeners

Click here:  laundry guide

Manufactured by Green Beginnings Asia Limited

Green Beginnings® is a unique design

U.S. and international Patents Pending


Additional information


L (for 8-13.5 kgs babies), M (for 5.5-9 kgs babies)


Boy, Girl

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