Patented “Pocket Sling”

  • Made of lightweight, high-density, water resistant but breathable material
  • High quality elastics are used for waist and thigh areas. Its elasticity allows stretching during movement.

Soft-Touch Tabs

  • Tab design protects you and your baby from scratchy.
  • Greater adjustability for baby’s waist.
  • High durability

More Circulated Airflow

  • Cloth diaper is separated from Pocket Sling” allow enough space for airflow.
  • Your babies will be better protected from diaper rashes.

Less Diaper Rashes

  • Micro Polyester Fiber is selected as the material for the inner layer of pad. Its absorbency doubles to cotton fiber. This special fiber is able to lock liquid at the bottom layer.
  • Anti-reverse osmosis pads, the top layer is made of “Stay Dry” high performance fabric. The triangle yarn, together with the special weaving technique, forms a “funnel”, serving anti-reverse osmosis function.
  • Super-Absorbent layers hold fluid in the fiber and absorb heavy flow quickly.
  • Keeping the baby’s skin dry and away from rashes.