Fredrica V. Coates, M.Ed.
Michael L. Coates, M.D., M.S

Green Beginnings® was invented by an American couple (Fredrica V. Coates, M.Ed. & Michael L. Coates, M.D., M.S)


Brand Origin

In 1984 while they have their first baby girl, they found the traditional cloth diapering were inconvenient, and ineffective.

In order to find a better way for Diapering, Michael and Fredrica, started to study and invented various designs of Cloth Diaper. Being challenged by more than 500 consumers test, The Pocket-Sling turned out to be the most popular and most functional design among all. In the past 30 years, they have invested over a million USD in developing Pocket Sling™ and applying for international patent. The new generation of diaper officially born.

The new generation of diaper officially born.

20 years ago, Mr. Richard Lok, founder of Green Beginnings® met Michael and Fredrica by chance. He sincerely appreciated their belief and effort – Save a better world for babies. This intuition prompted him to collaborate with them and spend years working on the product engineering and sourcing of new material for cloth diapers – aim to provide a comfortable, affordable, Eco & user friendly Reusable Nappy.

The product was first launched in 2015 after 12 years of development and improvement. Based on the comment from consumers testing group, the production was stopped for 18 months due to consumers comment.  Having re-developed the cloth material and refined the cutting techniques, Green Beginnings® made its comeback with its brand new cloth diapers in 2016.

Brand vision

Green Beginnings® literally means “begin to live green”.

Save a better world for babies

A small step forward for a big change

The living environment of our next generation

According to scientific research, burning disposable diapers releases Dioxins. This only leaves us with the choice of sending them to landfills; however, a paper diaper will take 150 to 500 years to completely decompose. Imagine every baby needs about 7 paper diapers each day, 200 each month. If we add up the total number of disposable paper diapers that all the babies need, how much would that be? The United States estimates, 21 billion disposable diapers are sent to landfills every year around the world. The rapid melting glaciers at the two poles and global warming raise a red flag that signals the overwhelming pressure that the Earth is bearing. If the situation is not relieved, the living environment of our next generation will suffer.  

Are paper diapers good for baby skin?

The average paper diapers are processed with bleach and fluorescent brightening agent to achieve a whitening effect. According to research done by Japanese scholars, formaldehyde (commonly found in adhesives), bleach and fluorescent brightening agent may affect child genital development, leading to infertility. Besides that, paper diapers are designed to be discarded. Due to cost considerations, they are not anti-bacterial, odour-proof, skin-caring etc. Paper diapers are always touted to be “ultra-absorbent”, misleading parents to change diapers less frequently. In fact, high absorbency only increases the moisture inside the pad, increase the chance of Diaper Rash.