Frequently Asked Questions


About Diaper Cover

Using cloth diapers can substantially reduce waste and save a better world for our babies. Apart from that, offer better protection to babies away from Diaper Rash.

A major benefit of Green Beginnings® patented cloth diapers is its leak-proof and breathable design: lightweight and high-density. Pocket Sling™ adopts water-resistant but breathable fabric, giving moisture and hot air an exit. It is also equipped with a double leak-proof function.

Green Beginnings® patented cloth diapers adopt Soft-Touch Tabs, maximizing the adjustability for waist, thus suiting the size of all babies. On the other hand, using hook and loop fastener shortens the pad changing time, making it more user-friendly.


A major benefit of our pads is that they adopt specifically engineered “Stay-Dry” quilted layer, which remains dry after getting soaked for 2-3 times. This minimizes the chance for babies in suffering diaper rashes.

About Cloth Pads

A major benefit of our pads is that they adopt specifically engineered “Stay-Dry” quilted layer, which remains dry after getting soaked for 2-3 times. This minimizes the chance for babies in suffering diaper rashes.

The “Stay-Dry” quilted layer of pad should be on top; the towel side should be the absorbing layer at bottom

Other Common Question

We recommend that you pre-wash the cloth diapers and pads with baby laundry detergent before use.

Slim Pads: Younger babies are advised to use them during the day or at night; older babies during the day. 

Tri-pads: Babies of all ages are advised to use them at night. In case of excessive urinary output, Green Beginnings ® disposable diapers are recommended.

  • apply one more Slim Pad if needed.

We recommend checking the pad every 2 hours. According to overseas paediatricians, Diaper changing is an excellent opportunity to develop ”Attachment” in parenting.


It is possible. This can happen when the size does not fit. Constantly checking and regularly change pads will greatly reduce the chance of leaking.


Cloth diapers not only help preserve the environment but also ease your financial burden. We encourage parents to check the pad regularly, change it when it is wet  to maintain the optimal hygienic condition for babies. Our product is a true environment and money saver.

Pads need to be changed every time. However, you can continue using the cover after wiping it with wet towel or tissue if there is only a little stain. It is suggested to wash the covers after several use.

You can use Green Beginnings ® disposable pads or prepare a waterproof bag to keep the diapers. If it is faeces, please take care of it before placing it in the waterproof bag.

Being one-size-fits-all, our pad can be used in both M and L size diaper covers. This design ensures less worry about sizing and save money. According to our users comment, our pads can last until babies go to Potty Training. But the situation may differ based on how the pads are used.

Babies who get rashes easily with paper diapers should try our products. Generally speaking, parent users found that babies’ rashes will disappear slowly changed to our diapers system (if applied properly according to instructions).

Shopping Guide

Green Beginnings ®  Eco Diaper system (M to L size) cost around HK$3,000-$4,000; paper diapers are estimated to cost more than HK$13,000.

We sincerely invite parents (first time users) to try the Trial Pack for your own testing before going any further. 

Trial Pack, which contains 1 cloth diaper (M or L), 1 Tri-pad (about 200 ml fluid intake), 1 Slim Pad (about 100ml fluid intake). Please check if the size fits and see whether your baby finds it comfortable. You may also want to have your baby try on the 2 different pads to determine which is better for your baby.

After you decide on the size, we recommend Starter Pack.  The “Starter Pack” is a money saving package that includes: 

M: 5 cloth diapers, 2 Tri Pads, 6 Slim Pads

L:  4 cloth diapers, 6 Tri Pads, 2 Slim Pads

According to user comment, the Starter Pack is good enough for 1 day needs. You can determine how many additional pieces you need based on your laundry behaviour.

We have also introduced other packages to cater to different needs.

Our mothers’ favourite combo is Starter Pack! It is economical and design for 1 day need. Besides that, you can wash both covers and pads once a day.

M size for 5~9kgs babies (about 6~9 Months)
L size for 8~13.5kgs babies (about 2~2.5years)

For cloth pads:  one size for M & L cloth diaper
The cloth pads can be retained and used when changing the size of cloth diaper.


Care Tips

Don’t use chemical laundry power, fabric softener and bleach. They will reduce the absorbency of pad and harm baby skin. Please also be reminded to wash cloth covers and pads with water under 60 ℃, tumble dry low.

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Place the prepared cloth diaper system under baby’s bottom.  Close the soft-touch tabs on both sides, same as wearing paper diaper

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If you are still in doubt, please contact us